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Wagner Instrumentation (www.wagnerinstrumentation.com)

Since 1980, Wagner Instrumentation 2000 Inc. has earned a reputation for supplying custom and standard instrumentation to the Oilfield. Wagner is the world's best original and second source for all Oilfield Hydraulic Instrumentation including new assemblies and parts to interchange with major manufacturers.

Wagner Instrumentation 2000 offers a comprehensive line of instruments and systems with built-in durability and accuracy you need for a solution to your drilling and work over problems.

Weight Indicators  |  Mud Pressure Systems  |  Recorders  |  Torque Systems

Weight Indicators

Deflection (Clipper Type) Weight Indicator

  • Ideal for use with small drilling and work over rigs.
  • Unit is portable, rugged, dependable and is ready to be placed on the drill line right out of the box.
  • Deflection type load cell may be used on wireline sizes from 7/8" to 1 1/4".
  • The system comes with self-contained steel box. Weight indicator head is complete with 10 dial set for use with different wire line sizes and lines strung, 25 ft. hose assembly, and deflection type loadcell with c-clamp.
  • Available in English and Metric divisions.

To order specify:

  • Single line load capacity needed
  • Size and number of lines
  • Scale needed (Pounds, Kilograms or Decanewtons)

Mini (Midget) Weight Indicator

  • Ideal for use on small drilling rigs, productions rigs, and well service units up to 30,000 lb single line load.
  • System comes with 6 or 8.5 gauge mounted in rugged metal box, 25 ft. hose assembly with disconnects, and either piston or diaphragm type load cell.
  • Available in English or Metric divisions.
  • Dual dial faces available. Common reeving patterns of 2/4, 4/6, 6/8.
  • Load cell attaches to rig floor with a universal clevis or shackles which eliminates the use of an anchor.

To order specify:

  • Rig size and number of lines strung
  • Scale needed
  • Hose length (25 ft. standard)
  • Gauge size
  • Type of load cell required

Wireline Type Weight Indicator

  • System designed to provide accurate weight readings for downhole wireline operations.
  • System complete with 6 fluid rotating gauge with bracket, 100, 75, or 50 ft. hose assemblies, and tension loadcell (size determined by capacity of system).
  • Standard capacities include 2,000 lbs, 3,000 lbs, 4,000 lbs, 5,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs and their Metric equivalent. Other capacities available upon request.
  • Wireline conversion units for 3-sheave devices available for truck mounted wireline applications. These systems come with 10:1 ratio dual pointer gauge and aluminum compression type load cells.
  • Units are calibrated to fit your specific head.

To order specify:

  • Capacity of system needed
  • Hose length needed
  • Type of head (applies only to 3-sheave device type systems)

Hydraulic Tank Weight Indicator

Wagner Instrumentations Bulk Tank Weight Indicator System eliminates the guesswork when blending wet or dry material.

  • Hydraulic self aligning compression load cells are friction free and ideal for bulk weighing of drilling muds, chemicals, and cement.
  • Ruggedly built, easily installed and maintained.
  • Available in English and Metric divisions.
  • Gauges calibrated a full 360 with a ball bearing movement and accurate to 0.2 of 1% of full scale.
  • Totalizer versions allow for a single readout from multiple sources. 2, 3, and 4 cell systems are available.
  • Indicators are available in 8.5 fluid filled and 12 or 16 dry applications.

To order specify:

  • Capacity needed including tare weight
  • Contents to be weighed
  • Hose length needed
  • Indicator size needed
  • Type of tank and ratio of tank
  • For totalizer system, specify number of load cells required

Coil Tubing Weight Indicator

  • Comprised of either a 8.5 or 6 gauge assembly, hose with disconnects and a compression loadcell which fits the weight requirements. The gauges are manufactured to either be dual acting or single pointer applications depending on the needs of the unit.
  • Gauges are fluid-filled to ensure proper lubrication and shock resistance.
  • Compressions loadcells are equipped with long lasting rubber/nylon diaphragms.

To order specify:

  • Gauge size
  • Capacity and ratio of unit
  • Single or dual acting system
  • Length of hose (if required)

Anchor Type Weight Indicator

  • Models available for deadline loads from 30,000 pounds to 200,000 pounds.
  • Indicator includes, outer dial (vernier) for direct weight-on-bit reading and inner dial for total hook load.
  • Hook load and vernier dampers are designed to dampen excessive pointer movement and extreme shock during tough drilling situations.
  • Includes vernier bit weight indicator with 4:1 sensitivity for highest accuracy possible.
  • High pressure, rugged hose and disconnect set are included with each system.
  • Large, easy to read indicators available in 12" or 16" versions.
  • Panel mount or box mount versions available with optional heavy duty steel box or console for custom configuration of your choose of hydraulic instruments and meter combinations.
  • Compatible with all industry-standard deadline anchors.

To order specify:

  • Panel or box mount indicator
  • Single line load capacity to be used with
  • Anchor to be used with
  • Indicator size (12" or 16")
  • English, Metric, or Decanewton divisions

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Mud Pressure Systems

Single Pointer Pressure Gauge

  • Designed to read pressure up to 15,000 psi.
  • Uses 1502 or 2202 hammer unions with diaphragm protectors, piston isolators, or deboosters to separate mud, cement and the like from system internal parts.
  • Gauge fluid filled and calibrated 360.
  • Standard capacities include 3,000 psi, 5,000 psi, 6,000 psi, 10,000 psi, and 15,000 psi along with their metric equivalents.
  • Available in box and panel mount versions.
  • Hose lengths up to 50 ft.

To order specify:

  • Capacity & length of hose
  • Box or panel mount
  • Type of sensor

Dual Pointer Compound Pressure Gauge

  • Designed to read pressure up to 16,000 psi.
  • Allows for monitoring large and small pressure changes. Primarily used on service trucks used in high pressure cementing and fracturing.
  • Uses rugged diaphragm protectors, 1:1 piston isolators, and 4:1 deboosters to separate drilling mud, chemicals, and cement from the internal parts of the gauge.
  • Gauge fluid filled and calibrated 360 with secondary 4:1 pointer showing smaller pressure changes.
  • Standard capacities include 4,000 psi, 8,000 psi, 12,000 psi, and 16,000 psi along with their metric equivalents.
  • Available in box and panel mount versions.
  • Hose lengths up to 50 ft.

To order specify:

  • Capacity & length of hose
  • Box or panel mount
  • Type of sensor

Unitized Standpipe Gauge (UMG)

  • Mud pressure system integrated into (1) gauge assembly. Inverted 6 gauge assembly mounted on hex housing with 2 male NPT thread, complete with diaphragm cup, check valve, and damper assembly.
  • Replaceable diaphragm cup and check valve.
  • Used on pumps, pump trucks, standpipe and choke manifolds, and pipeline pressure.
  • Standard capacities include 1,000 psi, 3,000 psi, 5,000 psi, 6,000 psi, 10,000 psi, and 15,000 psi along with their metric equivalents.
  • Hammer union type available in 1502 or 2202 for standard or H2S service.
  • Flange type available in a variety of flange sizes.

To order specify:

  • Capacity
  • English, Metric or dual scale divisions
  • Hammer union and sub size (hammer union type only)
  • Flange size and pressure capacity of flange (flange type only)
  • Ring groove size (flange type only)
  • Standard or H2S service

Diaphragm Protectors and Piston Isolators

  • Diaphragm Protector uses a rubber diaphragm to separate the well-fluid (cement, acid and mud) from the remote mounted gauge or recorder, offering economical protection.
  • 1:1 Piston Isolator uses both a rubber diaphragm and a piston to separate the well-fluid from the remote mounted gauge or recorder, offering double the protection.
  • Available in working pressures up to 15,000 psi.
  • Available with 1502 or 2202 union and sub for either standard or H2S service.
  • Diaphragm type available with 1" NPT connection for restricted space areas.
  • Proof tested to 150% of working pressure.
  • Simple design allows for easy service in the field.
  • Available with threaded or weld-on type sub.

To order specify:

  • Diaphragm or piston type
  • Working pressure
  • Connection type
  • Type of union and sub need

Pressure Deboosters

  • 4:1 pressure deboosters are designed to reduce line pressure by a ratio of 4:1. This allows the operator at the panel to be exposed to a 1/4 of the actual pressure that is seen at the manifold. Gauges are calibrated at 1/4 of the line pressure to reflect actual pressures.
  • Models available for working pressures of 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi and 20,000 psi.
  • Available with 1502 or 2202 union and subs for standard or H2S service.
  • Available in stand alone versions with autoclave connections.
  • Highly accurate delivers an accuracy rate of 2 percent of full-scale capacity.
  • DNV units available.
  • Provided completely with union and separator boot.
  • Designed for use with all standard pressure gauges that are calibrated for use with 4:1 deboosters.

To order specify:

  • Capacity and union needed
  • Size of autoclave fitting (on stand alone versions only)
  • Standard or H2S service

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  • Comes in Truck Mount or Portable variations.
  • Available in 1 or 2 pen versions.
  • Available with multi speed clocks in 1 hr., 4 hr., and 24 hr. versions and in battery operated or manual wind versions.
  • Can be calibrated for use up to 15,000 psi.
  • Highly accurate, calibrated to within 0.5% of full scale accuracy.
  • Available in Metric or English versions.
  • Available with or without gauges built into base.
  • Optional 1/4 high pressure hose and disconnects available.
  • Optional diaphragm protector, 1:1 piston isolator or debooster available (specify type needed, 1502 or 2202 union and sub, and standard or H2S service when ordering).

To order specify:

  • Pressure range or capacity to be recorded
  • Manual wind or electric clock
  • Clock speed (1 hr., 4hr., or 24 hr.)
  • Truck mount or portable type
  • Hose length (if required)

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Torque Systems

Tong Torque System

  • Systems are designed to indicate accurate torque on each joint of pipe.
  • System comprised of 6 fluid filled gauge with bracket, 5 ft. hose assembly, cylinder type or compression load cell, and shackles if required.
  • Adjustable target pointer can be set to the desired capacity so the driller can work to a clear mark.
  • Models and capacities available to work with wide range of manual and power tongs.
  • Available in wide range of capacities and in English, Metric, or dual scale capacities.
  • Models available in box mount and panel mount versions.
  • Load cells available in either tension or compression type.
  • Durable, rugged design.

To order specify:

  • Capacity and scale needed (English or Metric)
  • Handle length or tong to be used with (Tong Torque Systems only)
  • Panel or box mount indicator
  • Type and size of load cell needed (Tong Torque Systems only)
  • Hose length needed (if different than standard)

Table Torque System

  • Provides an accurate measurement of rotary torque in ft-lbs. The system provides the driller with torque readings much as the Hydro-Mech style system does, but reading is delivered in true foot pounds.
  • System works by placing compression load cells on opposite corners of the rotary table which then measures the counter-rotational force of the table. Each system is custom designed and fitted to your table and rig.
  • System is comprised of a 8-1/2" liquid filled gauge, bracket to mount gauge, (2) hose assemblies with disconnect sets, (2) compression type load cells, slide plates, turnbuckle.
  • Gauge is fluid filled.
  • Gauge includes (2) damper assemblies.
  • Each system custom designed per application.
  • Heavy-duty compression type load cells provide reliable, accurate measurements.
  • System comes ready to use out of box, calibrated to accuracy rate of 1 percent of full scale capacity.
  • Available in English, Metric, or dual scale divisions.

To order specify:

  • Please contact Quincie Oilfield Products representative for worksheet.

Hydro-Mech Style Rotary Torque System

  • Designed to help the driller during coring, milling, and reaming operations. The system also helps avoid twist-offs and increases bit life by showing the driller when the drill string is torquing to unsafe levels.
  • System is comprised of a 6" liquid filled gauge complete with damper assembly in either box or panel mount version, 2 foot and 14 foot hoses with disconnect sets, idler assembly with wheel.
  • Available in both 500 and 1000 point versions.
  • Gauge capacity measured in points and are a relative indication of torque.
  • Available in either box or panel mount versions.
  • Indicator has dial adjust to zero off drill string in order to monitor torque at the bit.
  • Heavy duty construction ensures years of reliable service.

To order specify:

  • Chain size to be used with or wheel size needed
  • 500 or 1000 point indicator
  • Box or panel mount indicator
  • Length of hose (if other than standard)

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