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Other Products

In addition to our five major lines, Quincie Oilfield Products also stocks numerous other products related to the oilfield industry.

Camlock Fittings | Cementing & Circulating Swages | Chokes & Parts | Fann Mud Balance Kits | H.P. Threaded Fittings | Keystone Butterfly Valves | Mission Centrifugal Pumps | Nutron Ball Valves | Pressure Relief Valves | Pump Valves & Seats | Rubber Products | Valve Grease & Grease Guns

Camlock Fittings

Quincie Oilfield Products stocks camlock couplings in 1 through 5, available in aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Female camlocks also available with Sta-Lok II Arms. We also stock camlock gaskets, king nipples and Punch-Lok clamps.

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Cementing & Circulating Swages

Cementing and circulating swages are available ranging in size from 2-3/8 through 13-3/8. Quincie Oilfield Products can pre-assemble with any 2 hammer union and safety cable. All new swages are complete with 8RD/EUE thread protectors.

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Chokes & Choke Parts

In addition to the MSI-Dixie chokes, Quincie Oilfield Products also carries the N60-Style Chokes and parts, as well as parts and complete chokes of all other styles (Cameron, OCT, Best, Shaffer, etc.).

N60 Positive & Adjustable Chokes 2 inch, 3-5000# CWP

  • Compatible with other brand chokes.
  • Available in 3/4" or 1" orifice sizes.
  • Grease fittings on bonnet for maintenance purposes.
  • Standard HSS trim.
  • Stainless steel or stainless tungsten carbide trim.
  • Other connections & pressures available upon request

H2 Positive & Adjustable Chokes 2 inch, 3-5000# CWP

  • Compatible with other brand chokes.
  • Available in 1" or 2" orifice sizes.
  • Standard HSS trim.
  • Stainless steel or stainless tungsten carbide trim.
  • Other connections and pressures available on request

How to order chokes:

  • Type of choke positive or adjustable.
  • Specify working pressure.
  • Type of inlet and outlet connections.
  • Specify trim size (orifice required).
  • Trim material
  • alloy steel, tungsten carbide

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Fann Mud Balance Kits

Fann Instrument Company is the largest international supplier of drilling fluids testing equipment. Fann manufactures, sells, and services instrumentation designed to measure physical characteristics and chemical properties of fluids used in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

Model 140 Standard Mud Balance

- The Fann Mud Balance provides a simple, practical method for the accurate determination of fluid density. The durable construction of the FANN Mud Balance makes it ideal for field use. Despite its sensitivity, it contains no easily broken parts. Principally, the balance consists of a base and graduated arm with cup, lid, knife-edge, rider, built-in spirit level, and a counterweight. A plastic carrying case is provided to hold the balance intact and in its working position.

Model 141 Tru-Wate Pressurized Mud Balance

- The TRU-WATE is an instrument for measuring the absolute density of a fluid sample. With the TRU-WATE, the density of a fluid such as cement slurry, can be measured in a fixed volume sample under pressure. By pressurizing the sample cup the entrained air volume can be decreased to a negligible quantity.

Model 144 Convertible Mud Balance

- The Convertible Pressurized Density Balance is a precise, self-contained measuring device used to accurately determine the densities of drilling fluids, cement slurries and similar materials under pressure. This unique instrument can be used as a conventional (non-pressurized) fluid balance or as a pressurized instrument when required. The conversion from one mode to the other is simple and requires only a few moments to complete.

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Gear/Transfer Pumps

Bowie Gear Pumps

- The Bowie Pump is a rotary gear pump. The delivery rate will vary some with the differential pressure and the viscosity of the liquid. Bowie Pumps operate either clockwise or counterclockwise with equal efficiency.

  • Choice of Gears or Impellers: Buna-N, Polyurethane, Ductile Iron.
  • Choice of Shafts: Fatigue Proof for General Purpose, Heavy Duty Applications. Stainless Steel for Corrosive Resistance, Durability.
  • Choice of Sizes: 2" (2300 Std), 3" (3300 Std), 4" (4300 Std).

T&E Gear Pump

T&E Pumps Ltd. is an Alberta based business, specializing in manufacturing and repair of positive displacement fluid pumps.

  • 6" T&E cast housing with inlet & outlet bored to 4"
  • 6" Rubber or Steel gears
  • Nitrided housing available for pumping acid

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H.P. Threaded Fittings

Quincie Oilfield Products carries a complete line of High Pressure Threaded components. From Premium Long Thread Nipples to 10,000# Elbows, Tees and Crosses. We also stock threaded Needle Valves, Check Valves and more.

Quincie Oilfield Products recommends the use of API Modified Thread Compound when assembling threaded components. API Modified Thread Compound prevents galling during the makeup and breakout of tubular's and ensures a leakproof seal in the helical pathway. Chemical inhibitors in the formulation minimize corrosion and prevent H2S Attack. API Modified is recommended for use on casing, tubing and line pipe. Available in 4.5L, 10L, or 16L containers.

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Keystone Butterfly Valves

Figure 990 Wafer Butterfly Valve

Split Body, Single Piece Disc-Stem

  • Size Range: 1-20
  • Pressure Rating: 1-12 150 psi | 14-20 75 psi
  • Flange Standard: ANSI 125/150

Pneumatic Keystone 79U Actuator

  • Max. Supply Pressure: 150 psi
  • Rated Supply Pressure: 120 psi
  • Output torque at 80 psi. Double Acting models: up to 2054Nm, Spring return models: up to 1414Nm
  • Temperature range: -22F to 194F (-30C to 90C) with standard components
  • ESPC finish

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Mission Centrifugal Pumps

The National Oilwell Varco Mission centrifugal pump line offers a broad selection of innovative features for a variety of routine, demanding, abrasive and corrosive applications. These pumps are designed for a wide range of flow rates, from a few gallons per minute to thousands of gallons per minute.

Quincie Oilfield Products can sell you a new pump, parts, or service any one of the following models:

  • Type S (1-1/8 Shaft)
  • Type W (1-7/8 Shaft)
  • 2500 Supreme
  • Magnum
  • Sandmaster

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Nutron Ball Valves

Model T3 3 piece floating ball valves:

  • Full Port sizes: 1/2 in. through 3 in.
  • Reduced Port sizes: 3/4 in. through 4 in.
  • ASME Class: 150 through 2500
  • WOG: 1000 through 6000 psi
  • End Connections: Threaded, Flanged, Socket Weld, Buttweld

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Pressure Relief Valves

Baird Liquid Relief Valve

Designed for emergency protection against overpressure for pumps, lines, etc. It is a rugged and cersatile valve capable of handling a wide range of pressures. Available in 1 and 2 NPT inlet and outlet connections in a variety of pressure ranges.

Kunkle Model 337 Relief Valve

stocked in 15 psi and 18 psi pressures with 2 inch male NPT connection. Other pressure settings and connections are available.

Dixon-Bayco Relief Valve

stocked in 15 psi and 18 psi pressures with 2 inch female NPT connection. Other pressure settings and connections are available.

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Pump Valves & Seats

Quincie Oilfield Products carries both the Novatech line, as well as, the Mission line of plunger pump valves, seats & inserts.

Available for Gardner Denver, SPM, Oilwell, MSI pumps and more, in a variety of sizes.

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Rubber Products

Quincie Oilfield Products carries a complete line of rubber products, including, hammer union seal rings (with or without anti-extrusion ring), M/D diaphragms, pack off rubbers, Type F test cups, Plug Loading o-ring kits, cementing plugs, and more.

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Valve Grease & Grease Guns

Desco 111-LT Grease

Hydrogen Sulfide Service (Arctic Grade)

Service Recommendations: Diesel fuel, gas well condensate, hydrogen sulfide, sour crude and standard crude.


  • Usable temperature range: -57C to 177C (-75F to 350F)
  • Penetration / ASTM D-217: worked 300-350 | unworked 320-330
  • Base oil type: 100% synthetic
  • Base oil pour point / ASTM D-97: -62C (-80F)
  • Flash point / ASTM D-92: +238C (+470F)
  • Appearance: Black

Desco 622 Grease

Hydrocarbon service, low temperature, amber grease

Service Recommendations: Aliphatic hydrocarbons including butane, crude distillates, fuels, oils, and propane. Also, dilute acides, dilute alkalis, water, and solutions. Not suitable for use in services containing significant amounts (over 20%) of aromatic hydrocarbons or unleaded gasoline.


  • Usable temperature range: -46C to +204C (-50F to +400F)
  • Penetration / ASTM -217: Bulk 250-280 | Large Stick 80-100 | Small Stick 40-80
  • Base oil type: Synthetic
  • Appearance: Amber grease, smooth consistency

Desco 955 Grease

Premium Synthetic, black grease

Service Recommendations: Aliphatic hydrocarbons, butane, fuel oil, hot asphalt, hot gases, hot oil, LPG and natural gas.


  • Usable temperature range: -40C to +316C (-40F to +600F)
  • Penetration / ASTM D-217: Bulk 185-215 | Large Stick 80-100 | Small Stick 40-80
  • Appearance: Silver black grease

High Pressure Grease Gun For use on most types of valves

  • Heavy-duty, industrial grade, precision made.
  • Uses "J" or "K" size sticks of heavy-duty valve lubricants or injectable packing.
  • Used with industry standard fittings of up to 10,000 p.s.i.
  • Equipped with a 10" swivel hose assembly, high pressure gauge, and giant buttonhead coupler compatible with industry-standard valve lubrication fittings.
  • Replacement parts available.

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